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Mental Coaching

What is Mental Coaching?

In life there are always situations that seem to have no way out, heaps of problems and difficulties, when the view is narrowed and everything seems to be spinning in circles. It may show up in physical symptoms that can be scary - and you have no time for pleasure and joy. Thoughts, words and images affect feelings and moods, and therefore a person's behavior too. This leads many people into situations where they experience emotions and behaviors that are not good for them. With mental coaching, clients realize and recognize their thinking processes and their internal dialogues, how they influence their mental processes positively or negatively, and control their moods and behavior.

As a psychological onchologist I accompany patients with cancer, as well as those close to them (family, partners, friends,...).

As a clinical psychologist I'm involved with people with mental or physical disorders, in which psychological influences play an important role. Furthermore, my work also includes the psychological treatment of chronic pain and the psychological rehabilitation from extreme situations, development crises and psychological consequences of acute stress.

As a health psychologist, I deal with psychological factors for the prevention of risk factors and health disorders.

Who comes to me?

people with:

  • Burn-out syndrome
  • Identity crises
  • Drop in performance
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Difficult life changes
  • eating disorders
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Addictions etc.


Put yourself in the care of our professional psychologist. You will not regret a second. Let us help you reactivate the dormant resources deep within you.

Tip: combine Dr. Pircher's therapy with an aromatherapy consultancy or an osteopathic treatment, as they also have an important impact on the psyche.