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Alp Art Hotel

A-6091 Götzens • Burgstraße 7
Tel.: +43 5234 48010

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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Movement is life and life is movement!

The focus of my therapy:

treatment of chronic and acute muscle-skeletal ailments, ranging from sports injuries to general troublesome spine ailments and bad posture. Migraine, tinnitus, indigestion / intolerances. Scar treatments and mechanical / energetic dysfunctions of internal organs and their energy flow, osteopathic techniques ... etc.

I try with all my resources to activate and improve self-healing in my patients. Physiotherapy Medical School with a holistic approach.


Prescriptions / Refunds:

Physiotherapy is prescribed by your doctor. The prescription issued by your doctor, preferably before the start of treatment, should be approved by your health insurance so that part of the treatment costs (40%) will be refunded. Most private insurance also cover the remaining costs.


Physiotherapy and Prevention:

If you want to do something good for yourself before you get a problem, you can also come to me without prescription, but in this case you will not get a refund.