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Alp Art Hotel

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Massage - there is an adequate treatment for everybody

Classical Massage

Traditional massage is one of the oldest health-promoting methods. It increases the blood flow, releases tensions and boosts the metabolism.


Working on the reflex zones of the feet can affect the whole organism, from the spine to the head, and even internal organs. Acute and chronic suffering can be alleviated.

Sports Massage

Activating, circulation-stimulating massage for the prevention of muscle and joint pain. Recommended before and after exercise. From Head to Foot Back tensions are treated not just directly, but also holistically through foot reflex zones.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Extra-gentle handling enables lymphatic circulation. Swollen legs or other obstructions can be treated. An ideal treatment for purification and detoxification.

Head Massage

The activation of important acupressure points allows deep relaxation of neck, face and head muscles - beneficial all the way to your toes.

Connective Tissue Massage

Using special techniques to handle different areas of the skin, blood flow is stimulated. Chronic muscle-skeletal ailments and internal organs will benefit.

Deep Abdominal Massage

Your metabolism is activated by gentle but profound handling of the abdominal organs. Very effective treatment for indigestion and support during detox / purification processes.


Let us carry you into the world of fragrances, to enjoy a completely customized massage with 100% pure organic essential oils.

Therapeutic Individual Treatment

Including case study Let us advise you individually, because no one knows the effects and indications of different massage techniques better than our therapists. After a detailed case study, you will be advised on the best massage combination that conventional medicine and holistic techniques can provide together - individually and personally!

Acupuncture Meridian Massage

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, problems arise either because of an energy excess or an energy deficiency in the body. In an acupuncture massage every hand movement is designed to restore optimal energy flow, and muscles, joints and organs' best functionality. Scars can also be energy blocks, and can be treated specifically. Energies are balanced and harmonized, and chronic and acute ailments alleviated.

Tyrolean Murmelemassage

The Tyrolean Marmot Oil is an ancient remedy of mountain farmers. It soothes inflammation and relieves pain, and is a natural medicine for circulatory disorders, of joints, cramps, lumbago, rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, sciatica, frostbite, burns, eczema, skin diseases, and is recommended for gout.

Ear candles

Hand-turned, organic cotton ear candles lined with fragrant beeswax are an ancient natural remedy. A wonderfully liberating feeling for head, sinuses and ears, it's also an experience of deep relaxation of a special kind, whose the relaxing effect is felt all the way to the coccyx.


Passive Applications


The healing power of natural mud has been used for many, many years for the relief of rheumatic pains and tensions. Recommended for gynecological problems and for the treatment of broken bones, sprains and bruising

Tyrolean Beeswax Dressing

This particularly powerful, bioactive dressing with untreated beeswax from organic bee-farms has a deep warming, soothing effect, relieves cough and helps expel phlegm.

TENS with Lava Sand Compress

The transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation activates muscles and relieves pain on the entire muscleskeletal system. Lava sand is a muscle relaxant and has a specially deep warming effect.