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Alp Art Hotel

A-6091 Götzens • Burgstraße 7
Tel.: +43 5234 48010

Member of

The family

The hotel's heart is the family and the personality that guides the Alp Art Hotel. The guests feel like they are at home and part of a family, never considered as a number. In every corner of the hotel there is a member of the family. It does not matter whether at reception, in the winter garden, in the kitchen, on the slopes, at the ski rental, at the Alp Med Zentrum or of course in the playing room. By now there are three generations united under one roof, and everyone is actively helping.

family holidays

Johanna and Günter Ellinger gave personality to the hotel. They are present not only in the Alp Art Team to answer every question, but run the Holiday Resort Skotteksgarden near a 38km-long lake in south Sweden, with an idyllic group of holiday homes, flats and a complete camping facility.

Nicole, their eldest daughter, has a lot of experience in the hotelier sector. With her daughters Maya and Ilvy and her boyfriend Florian's support, she will, in the next few years, take over what her parents began.

  • hôtel de famille
  • vacances avec les enfants

Bianca, the youngest daughter of Johanna and Günter, found her life-work in the health and healing sector. She is now a physiotherapist with plenty of training and experience (Osteopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, energetic applications) and presently runs the Alp Med Zentrum very successfully. She also has three new little supporters in her family: Eliah, Ronja, Lilly and Marie. With her husband Mathäus, who helps her with the children and the Alp Med Zentrum, she found the perfect partner to see all her dreams come true.