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The greatest good of all people!

The Health

Only through a healthy body can we really enjoy our lives to the fullest.

Starting from the location of our house, at 865m above sea level, which allows our guests to enjoy a special regenerative phase. According to medical research, this type of altitude and the air quality in and around Götzens are particularly good for getting back into shape, and especially beneficial to the lungs.

Relaxation for mind, body and soul is our top priority at the Alp Med Center. Let it flow, find your own center & activate your self-healing powers, that's our motto. We want to give you something beneficial and healthy for the future. With us you can lean back and relax because you are in the very best hands. Conventional medicine is combined with holistic strategies, resulting in an extremely individual, medically based treatment for you!

Healthy indulgence also plays a big role in our house. Fresh, gently cooked and high quality products at breakfast not only give the food itself a wonderful flavor, but give our body the necessary energy.

Beneficial pine

Zirbe | © / willymosesp

On the third floor you will find our pine rooms, equipped with furniture made from a particular kind of pine, which is physiologically helpful. Numerous medical studies have proven that you can enjoy a much more restful sleep due to a reduced heart rate and better general health if you spend the night in a room made of this particular pinewood. The biological properties of the wood in this room, therefore, give our guests better quality of sleep, harmonizing comfort, peace, well-being and the wonderful aroma of the Alps!

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