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Read the code of your body

Biophysical whole body screening

Cell Health - The Medicine of the Future is digital

Our body is surrounded and penetrated by a highly complex biophysical field, which is measurable and is called the vital field in technical jargon. This field is in constant interaction with various environmental influences and is responsible for and controls vital biophysical processes as well as complex energy conversion processes in the body.

In just 8 minutes we can measure over 600 structures of your body and draw conclusions that give you a lot of information about your current condition.

The cell - the natural transponder

The cell is the smallest compact unit in the organism, whereby each individual cell masters all metabolic processes such as respiration, reproduction, supply and disposal of nutrients just as perfectly as the body itself. Diseases make themselves felt right down to the level of the cell. Cells can be nutrient deficient, suffer from degenerative processes or be affected by oxidative stress.

The declared aim of the vital field technology is to measure, record and positively influence the current deficiencies and energetic blockages in the body down to the cell. The treatment as well as the communication with the cell takes place via ultra-weak electrical and electromagnetic impulses.

The healthy cell forms the basis for a healthy organism! We help you to bring zest into your cells!

Lack of energy - the deficient bio-balance

Physical and mental strength is reflected in one's energy balance, which is supplied by three main known sources: Physical exercise, nutrient intake and the consumption of natural environmental radiation. The first two energy sources are well known, while the third source is usually absorbed unconsciously and intuitively. This is underestimated and all too often results in a negative energy balance. It is also little known that more than 2/3 of the daily required energy is not covered by food but by this environmental radiation! Deficiencies occur when this radiation is absorbed almost exclusively inside buildings, as in winter, instead of in the open air.

To counteract such deficiencies, we create a biophysical therapy for you. You will feel the change!

Environmental influences - our stressful environment

Harmful environmental influences and an unhealthy lifestyle are part of everyday life today. This often leads to deficiency symptoms - the body now needs more energy and vital substances (e.g. vitamins, enzymes) for defence. At a certain point, not all harmful influences can be warded off. Environmental toxins are stored in the organism. Pathogens such as viruses or bacteria can multiply much faster and interference fields form. Some main stresses are:

The results of the biophysical conditions in your body measured by us are used for an efficient and individual treatment.

Short version:

This is the medicine of the future. It is digital, not just analogue. Maximum circles of effect are drawn from the smallest impulses. Let our highly trained therapists convince you!


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