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A place for friends

The story

A hotel – a dream of a you couple

About 40 years ago Johanna and Günter Ellinger, a young married couple, had the dream of owning their own hotel. They made a real oasis for international guests out of an old house, with no money in their pocket but with great motivational energy. The guests appreciated the efforts, commitment and service provided, rewarding the young couple by visiting again. Initially every room had a small kitchen and resembled a small apartment, which is why is was named "Aparthotel Götzens".

The regular guests grew in number, the initial guests became friends and the hotel became too small to be comfortable enough for everybody. So they built a third floor, as well as the beautiful Stadlwintergarten on the terrace. The Alp Art Hotel developed over the years. At the beginning there were only a few ornaments, old furniture and pictures which gave the place an overall flair and personality. Every time the guests came by, they were tickled to find new "treasures" in the hotel.

Under the signof change

Antike Einrichtungsgegenstände geben dem Hotel Persönlichkeit

Development reached its apex during the last few years. All the bathrooms were completely renovated and for our beautiful Superior Room we built a panorama view and a bathtub. But the hotel did not change just from the inside: we decided to add just one letter to our name, to better define us: it became the Alp Art Hotel. Wonderful Alps landscape art in the heart of the mountains - a special hotel with a special name, to fascinate and delight our guests.

In 2018 Nicole, the oldest daughter of Johanna and Günter, took over this beautiful hotel. Her team and she love to surprise guests with new details.

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