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Environmental Protection -more than a phrase for us

The environment

Without our environment, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, the forests, the meadows and nature itself, our world would not be nearly as pleasurable and worthy.

For this reason, we decided several years ago to adopt sustainable energy concepts. Our company surely plays a leading role here.Through our solar panels, our photovoltaic system supplies us with part of the required energy.The conversion from oil to natural gas as an additional energy source was also implemented a few years ago. 

In everyday use, we try as much as possible to avoid unnecessary packaging. You will never, for example, find packaged items on our buffets, like butter, jams, etc.

We also use mainly environmentally friendly cleaning products that are better for us and our environment. An optimized waste separation is of primary importance in our house. One of our main concerns is the recycling of materials. Ancient beams, old baking dishes, stream stones, precious "junk", brick, lace and linen sheets, are all elaborately turned into pieces of art and become unique designer pieces.

From 2 nights there is the Welcome Card with which you can use public transport free of charge. Those who book directly also have the opportunity to rent mountain bikes free of charge.

We all need to first learn to perceive our environment in order to respect it! The first steps have already been taken, at our hotel.

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