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Energetic treatments

For body, mind and soul

Shamanic Treatment

It is an ancient Indian natural healing process. With suction cups, specific energy pathways are dynamically activated. Poor energy is withdrawn, blockages are removed and blood flow in connective tissue is increased, providing muscle relaxation. It is also recommended for psychological distress or special skin / muscle sensitivity to pressure, such as a massage. Particularly effective even with very strong tension and joint pain.

Ear candling treatment

Hand-rolled, organic cotton ear candles edged with fragrant beeswax are an ancient natural remedy. A wonderfully liberating feeling for the head, sinuses and ears, as well as a very special experience of deep relaxation. The relaxing effect is felt all the way up to the coccyx.

Applied Kinesiology

It's primarily a diagnostic tool, which can test the body's responses quickly and easily. AK uses muscle testing for diagnosis, where the organism is a measuring device and the muscle is the pointer. The muscle test response is a response to defined stimuli. This method can be applied to innumerable areas, such as testing for intolerances to food, drugs or homeopathic remedies, but also in physical therapy, to find the appropriate therapy more quickly and efficiently. Also, scars, teeth, acupuncture points and energy blocks can be tested and treated. Let a demonstration convince you. 

Light Acupuncture

Specific acupuncture points are irradiated with light and coloured crystals. Light is life, and can be particularly well absorbed and processed by body and soul. A big advantage over classical acupuncture is that there are no needles, so it's recommended for children and people sensitive to pain. Healing through light & relaxation.

Energetic individual treatment

You do not know what is best for you?

We take a detailed anamnesis and then choose the appropriate techniques from a large repertoire in order to put together a successful and goal-oriented energetic treatment for you. You will be surprised how much energy you will leave the practice with ;)


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