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Old becomes new


Create great new objects from worthless materials or breathe new life into useless things.

Anyone who has ever been in our house knows what makes us so very special. It is the mix of old and new - the creativity in every corner and the love of detail. There is a very special person in our house who has the incredible gift of creating really great works of art out of nothing: Our grandma Johanna.

Luster und Bilderrahmen

It could be that the inside of a mattress becomes a cool picture frame, iron plates that have been rusting away suddenly become the most wonderful patterns and embellish our bar, balconies and many elements in the house. Or an old washing drum that becomes a cool lighting element, .......

Our house is full of stories, full of experience and full of art: art of the Alps and art of our grandma Johanna - UPCYCLING par excellence!

We will gladly take you on a very special journey here on the homepage, on Instagram and Facebook and show you elements from our very personal art treasure again and again.

Picture frames deluxe or cool decorative elements

There are a lot of things to discover on the way to our Stadl conservatory. For example, a cool picture gallery with photos of our children. 
But it's not just any picture hanging from the DIY store or furniture store. It's the inside of an old spring mattress. You can't imagine how many times we begged Grandma Johanna to finally get rid of those old mattresses!!! But she persisted and now we are delighted with this unique decorative element.

Very carefully we uncovered the core, cleaned it and then painted it with a spray. Et voila we had this work of art!

Of course, you can also cut it apart and use smaller elements as wall decorations. Trendy, easy and quick to copy.

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