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Medical Physiotherapy

Movement is life and life is movement!

With us, you not only have the opportunity to sit back and relax, you can even have medically trained physiotherapists work specifically on weak points in your musculoskeletal system during your stay.


Treatment of chronic and acute complaints of the musculoskeletal system, ranging from sports injuries to general spinal complaints and disturbing bad posture, pain of all kinds, migraine, tinnitus, digestive disorders/intolerances, sleep disorders, incontinence, pelvic floor weakness, scar treatments, mechanical/energetic dysfunctions of internal organs, as well as their energy circuits, rehabilitation after operations of all kinds (on joints, spine, internal organs, etc.) or severe illnesses, genetic diseases or neurological dysfunctions.

Of course, you can bring a prescription with you so that part of the therapy costs will be reimbursed.

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