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Area 47 and Nordkettenbahnen are inviting

Front Office Day 2023

A full day of adrenaline, fun and relaxation!

We were all invited by Area 47 and the Nordkettenbahnen to a day full of fun and relaxation.

On Friday, May 5th 2023 I had to hurry up in the morning, bring the children to the crèche and kindergarten quickly and then take the car to the Ötztal. At 8:00 a.m. we all met at Area 47 and were warmly welcomed. Everyone was allowed to choose their own activities. I opted for the Flying Fox and the Mega Swing. Excited, we all made our way to our starting points. There we were dressed, and all safety instructions were explained to us. Then we were on our way. A small steep path to the bridge and the first challenge came, a steel suspension bridge to the bridge pillar. I hooked my carabiner into the safety and up all around. It's best not to look down and just walk away. Arriving at the pillar, you had to reverse it over thin wooden beams. Done! Now we were all attached to the Flying Fox one after the other and, whoops, we were flying over the lake... What a view, beautiful!

Once there we made our way back to the next adventure. Again, up to the bridge, over the suspension bridge, to the bridge pillar and then the nervousness increased. MEGA SWING here I am. The guide attached the rope to me and told me where to jump. 1, 2, 3 steps and then I was already on the edge. With a jump into the forest and WUIIIIIII, free fall and then you swing back and forth across the parking lot until the guide brings you to a standstill. WOW what an adrenaline rush. You tremble for a few minutes afterwards. A unique experience that I would do again and again. Thank you Area 47!

But now off to the sun and relax a bit. At noon we were allowed to get something delicious from the restaurant, everything was excellent. From salad to espresso.

After the meal, the others all made their way to Innsbruck to the Nordkette cable cars. But since I'm from Innsbruck myself and I'm often up there with the kids privately, I skipped that part and looked at the new indoor bike hall. Where concerts and festivals have taken place in recent years, bikers can now let off steam. There really is something for everyone, even the little ones can try it out.

I'll definitely be back and then I'll take a close look at the water area and my son will get his next scratches in the bike hall ;)

I hope I was able to get you excited about Area 47, it's worth a visit!

Much love and see you soon your Renea

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